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Montagnana in festa 2015

Festa del prosciutto Montagnana

Montagnana in Festa 2015

Montagnana is one of the most beautiful medieval town in Veneto, completely encircled by a defensive wall. Every year in Montagnana is held the “Festa del Prosciutto” to celebrate its famous local product. Sweet and with a mild taste, the Prosciutto Veneto is characterised by the pinkish color, different from the others. The Prosciutto Veneto-Berico Euganeo DOP is still made with ancient methods, branded since 1996 with the PDO (Product Designation Origin) label, and made only in the fifteen municipalities of the Berici and the Euganean Hills.

“Montagnana in Festa” is a long two week festival, with events, and tastings from 15 to 24 may 2015. A gastronomic appointment, where will be possible to bay Prosciutto from factories.
The Prosciutto festa is organised by the Consortium, in the historic centre of Montagnana, in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, where you will find the stand “Isola del Gusto”.
On this occasion you can taste the famous prosciutto and visit also the factories (prosciuttifici).

Weekdays: from 7pm to 0pm
Weekend: from 10am to 0pm
Free entry!

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